Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Rise of Heroes hacked cheat


Deskripsi Cheat Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Rise of Heroes: Tekan tombol 6 untuk menyetel uang.

The legendary Kingdom Rush tower defence game returns with the sequel, Kingdom Rush Frontiers. This world renowned tower defence game originally set the standards but now it raises the bar. Get ready to fight against epic dragons, man-eating plants, and even more evil for your troops to crush in with all new towers and abilities to learn.

Cara bermain

Build towers to attack incoming enemies and stop them from getting past your defenses.
Earn gold by defeating enemies and use it to build more towers.

[1] - Select/Cancel Rain of Fire spell.
[2] - Select/Cancel Reinforcements spell.
[3] - Select/Cancel Hero
[4] - Select/Cancel Extra Hero
[SPACE] - Cancel any selected spell/power/rally point.
[P] - Pauses the game.


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